Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy treatments delivered by our therapists are tailored to meet your specific needs. Start PT today whether you want you use your insurance coverage or undergo treatment without limitations by your insurance. Learn more on Physical Therapy here.

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Bodywork by Synergy

Synergy offers a variety of Bodywork techniques and services to reduce muscle tension, improve range of motion, increase stabilization, and promote healing and relaxation. Our Bodywork services include: Massage Therapy, Core Support Sessions, Trigger Point Release, Dry Needling, and Reiki. Learn more on Bodywork here.

Athletic Trainging

Wellness Classes

One-on-one individualized training sessions with a Licensed Athletic Trainer are available for physical growth and strengthening. Small fitness classes (up to 4 per class) are also available to join with all exercises and strengthening techniques individually based to achieve your goals. Multiple class times available throughout the day to accommodate your busy schedule. Learn more on training and wellness here.


Dry Needling

Intramusuclar Trigger Point Release (also termed dry needling) is a successful medical treatment which uses very thin needles without medication to release muscle tension associated with taught bands of irritated muscle tissue.



Biofeedback is a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Assessment tool that is used to identify the patient’s strength, coordination, endurance, and tone of the pelvic floor musculature.