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Neck Massage

Our Specializations

Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction

Back Pain

The Sacroiliac joint is the area of your body where your sacrum, the triangular bone at the bottom of your spine, meets your hip bones, otherwise known as iliums. The bones can shift due to trauma or surrounding muscular tightness and/or weakness.

Women's Health

womens health

We specialize in the holistic treatment of women.  Our training and expertise allows us to effectively treat conditions that disproportionately affect women while providing a serene, comfortable environment.

Low Back Pain

Low Back Pain

One of the most common cases we see at Synergy is patients trying to find a solution for their lower back pain. While lower back pain is common in many individuals, it is NOT a normal result of aging.

TMJ Dysfunction


TMJ, or the Temporomandibular Joint, is the hinge that connects your jawbone to your frontal bones of you skull. Dysfunction of this joint can cause a lot of pain in the jaw and the surrounding muscles.

Pre/Post Operation


Physical Therapy is necessary not only following a procedure, but before it as well. We make sure your body is in as best possible of shape before your procedure.



Physical Therapy is the #1 way to treat vertigo, because it requires head positioning and maneuvers to reduce the symptoms.

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Bodywork By Synergy

Synergy offers a variety of Bodywork techniques and services to reduce muscle tension, improve range of motion, increase stabilization, and promote healing and relaxation.

Athletic Trainging

Women's Health

Our training and expertise allow us to effectively treat conditions that disproportionately affect women while also providing a serene, comfortable environment.


Dry Needling

Performing this technique requires both clinical expertise and specialization training.


Physical Therapy

Physical Therapists can help improve or restore the mobility you need to move forward in your life.

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Medicare Annual Wellness Visits and Physical Therapy

Getting older has many advantages. You have the wisdom that comes with experience, plenty of stories to share, and are usually more comfortable with who you are. If you have Medicare Part B coverage, another benefit is that you qualify for an Annual Wellness Visit. This visit aims to keep you healthy and give you…


Physical Therapy can help Treat Arthritis Pain

Physical Therapy (PT) for arthritic symptoms enhances long term movement quality and eases painful and limiting symptoms. Everyday movements become easier to perform and wear and tear on your joints are reduced. Physical Therapy Treatment Plan for Arthritis can include: • certain medications • various supplements • a variety of topical treatments The physical therapist…


What Is The Difference Between Dry Needling and Acupuncture?

In today’s rapidly expanding realm of therapeutic techniques, two often-confused treatments are dry needling and acupuncture. While both employ slender, sterile needles inserted into the body, their origins, intentions, and methodologies diverge significantly. Dry Needling, a modern intervention rooted in Western medicine, targets specific trigger points in muscles to alleviate pain, improve range of motion,…