I have been with Synergy for 5 months. When I started, I was in terrible pain. My lower back, neck, and hips were causing constant agony due to pelvic misalignment. Every week I progressed slowly, until today, where my pain is minimal and controllable. I have done my stretches and mobilizations every day, and it has improved my quality of life in a profound way. I am so grateful to all of the therapists at Synergy for their knowledge, support, and empathy. They have helped me return to. normal, healthy lifestyle after a year of chronic pain. I can’t recommend them highly enough!

Sarah K

My experience at Synergy has been positive. After only one or two sessions I noticed it was easier to get in and out of my car and in general I just felt looser.

Each sessions starts with making sure that the spine, hips, whatever else, are properly aligned so that the exercises will be most beneficial.

I know its important to do the home exercises, so it’s helpful that the “assignments” aren’t too long or involved, and that there are options to choose from.

And – the short massage at the end of the therapy session – Ahh! So nice!

Penny S.

Great people! Love the staff! They have helped me with all of my problems, and I feel very well overall. You should come check them out!

Alan BBanker

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